Culture Cup & Big Fish Winners

Each week we celebrate students through the culture cup, big fish and star cards. The culture cup goes to a student who other students can look to; has good attendance, academically sound and promotes a safe and respectful school culture. The big fish goes to a student who has made noticeable progress in at least one area, whether it is attendance, communication, culture and attitude, etc. We want students to know that we aren’t expecting perfection over night, but movement in the right direction. Our ROC star cards are something that a student can be nominated for by either a staff or student and is simply recognizing when someone goes above and beyond what we already expect of them

Big Fish Winners

September 10- Joe C

September 17- Karissa B

September 24- Medina K

October 1- Ciera E

November 5- Nick G

November 12- Alexis C

Culture Cup Winners

September 10- Shatner K

September 17- Brennen W

September 24- Matt S

October 1- Seth S

October 8- Sage F

November 5- Sybelle G & Cody J

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